Run Windows in your iPad!

A new online service ($4.99 a month) allows you to run Windows 7 on your iPad. That includes Flash! The trick here is the app, OnLive, will run Windows Server 2008 on their superfast computers, and show you the desktop and whatever is running on it, in your iPad. This is thin client computing as conceived back in the sixties and seventies when computers were mainframes and you used a terminal to access the computer. In the 90’s, to defeat, big bad Microsoft Windows, Sun Microsystems thought of Java, a software that can possibly be used as an operating system, running on a cheap, dumb “client”. The real computing will be done at servers over the internet.

Well, the dream is a step closer, but the players have changed. The app is provided by OnLive (a gaming company) and the hardware can be an iPad or an Android tablet. We are slowly going to a disposable computer! Like those disposable film cameras, we can go to a vending machine, pay, take out a cardboard computer, use it for a while, then dispose!


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