Facebook vs. Google: The Epic Battle for the Teenies

Facebook’s IPO is set on May 17, 2012. The company will be selling at $38 a share, bringing its value to $100 billion. A mighty company, finally validated by Wall Street. In the other corner is Google, a $192 billion company. Both survive on advertising, both will eat from the same pie.

This is not a both sides can win scenario. There is only so much advertising budgets in the world, and companies are wary of where they’re spending it. Google knows how effective Facebook can be with its socially connected network (a friend recommends a product rather than an impersonal search engine) that is why they are also attempting to enter the Social Space with Google+.

Facebook, meanwhile, forged a deal with Bing (and Yahoo) to allow Microsoft’s search engine to publish search results from the data in Facebook. So the maneuvering goes on, feint and strike, feint and strike, spinning strategy after strategy after strategy, wheels within wheels…

I, personally, prefer Facebook for my social networking, though I’d be happy to do my email, documents, calendars and even my social network with Google except for one thing: Google insists you use your real name.

In both my Facebook accounts, I use a pseudonym. I can’t do that with Google+ without endangering my account. You have to appeal to them if they notice you are using a pseudonym, and sometimes you don’t win the appeal. The worst thing that could happen is they shut down your account.

The battle is about to begin…


P.S. For want of a better term, I’ve settled on “Teenies” as a name for this decade. There’s another, smaller, battle going on for naming this decade.



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