Making a List of Words (either Alphabetical or by number of letters) in Excel 2007

How to make an alphabetized list of words in MS Excel 2007:

  1. Type in the words or Paste in the words (select the list, when highlighted, type Ctrl C to copy and go to Excel, press Ctrl V to paste).
  2. IF the words are in one line rather than a column, or if when you paste them there are several words in one cell, you can break up the words into columns. Here’s how:
    1. Select the cells with multiple words separated by spaces.
    2. Go to the Data Tab/Data Tools click on “Text to Columns”.
    3. Select “Delimited”. Click on “Next”.
    4. Click on “Space”  in the Delimiter box. Click on “Finish”.
  3. Once you have the words, you can drag them into one column.
    1. To select several words, just click on a cell and drag (your cursor will be a white cross, the selected cells will have a thick black outline with a black square dot in the lower right corner.)
    2. To move selected cells, put your cursor over the thick black outline. It should turn into a black cross with arrows pointing in four directions. Click and drag your selection to where you want it.
  4. Select the entire column by clicking on the letter above your word list.
  5. To arrange it alphabetically:
    1. Select the “Data” Tab, and click on “Sort” in the “Sort & Filter” box.
    2. The sort box will come out
    3. Click “Ok” and it will sort for you alphabetically.
    4. If you want to sort the students by family names, select  the two columns for the first names and family names.
    5. Select the “Data” Tab, and click on “Sort” in the “Sort & Filter” box.
    6. The sort box will come out. Select for sorting, Column B (assuming that’s the family name)
    7. Click on “Add Level” and select Column A
    8. So it will sort by family names first then first names second.
  6. To arrange by number of letters:
    1. Type into the cell to the right of the first word on the list  =Len(  then click on your first word to the left of the formula and press “Enter” and the number of letters for the word comes up. After pressing “Enter”:
    2. To copy the formula cells to your entire list, select the cell with the formula, put your mouse over the lower right corner of the cell, right over the black dot. Your cursor should become a black cross. Click and drag until all the cells to the right of your list has the formula.
      From this,  it should look like this: 
      So besides each word on your list is the number of letters in the word.
    3. Select columns A and B (just click and drag from the top of Column A to B)
    4. Click on Data/Sort and the Sort dialogue box will open. Click on the arrow next to the box besides “Sort by” and select Column B.
    5. Click on “Add Level” and click on the arrow besides “Then by” and select Column A. Click Ok.
    6. Your list will be sorted. First by number of letters, then by first letters. So all the three-letter words will be arranged together, four-letter words, so on and so forth. Then all three letter words will be alphabetically arranged.

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