About! This!

I have resisted for years in teaching kids to make a website. Oh, when required, I show them HTML, and they write HTML, just like a math teacher might show a slide rule and teach how to multiply and divide, so that you can feel like an engineer from the Victorian era.

People who request me to teach them web page making are behind by two decades. A website is usually made by very big companies (who have server farms) or governments. Web page making has become something like a utility. Do you generate your own power? Usually, no. Big Utility companies do. Do you manage your own highway or train system? No, governments do.

However, you do have a social network  (Facebook, Twitter, etc), and more often now, a blog. In blogs, you write on what you’re wild about. It could be anime, or fencing, or antique furniture, or Asian poetry. I blog (as of now) what I teach. I preach (usually) when I teach. And I preach what I believe.

I have been a teacher for ten years now, teaching basic computer to young people from pre-kindergarten to Grade 11! I have also taught English as a Second Language (three years), and Social Studies.

I avidly follow trends in business, economics and technology, sometimes dabbling in architecture, mathematics, science, sociology, philosophy, history where there is a cross-pollination of my interests.


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